Marxism holds new appeal

From the forthcoming The Social Thought of Karl Marx, Justin P. Holt (NYU): Communism; and Economics. Egmont Kakarot-Handtke (Stuttgart): Profit for Marxists. Raju Das (York): The Relevance of Marxist Academics. James Tyner (Kent State) and Joshua Inwood (Tennessee): Violence as Fetish: Geography, Marxism, and Dialectics. Jeffrey Kopstein (Toronto) and Michael Bernhard (Florida): Post-Communism, the Civilizing Process, and the Mixed Impact of Leninist Violence. Vladimir Popov (NES): Socialism is Dead, Long Live Socialism! The book that everyone needs to read: Imanol Galfarsoro interviews Santiago Zabala, co-author of Hermeneutic Communism. Julia Lovell reviews The Oxford Handbook of the History of Communism (and more). Marx was right: Sean McElwee on five surprising ways Karl Marx predicted 2014. While Marx’s prediction of our political future was finally discredited with the fall of communism, is his view of our economic future being validated? Doug Henwood, Tyler Cowen, Brad DeLong and more debate. Communism saved the American worker: Communism may never have worked here, but capitalism isn’t working as well without a rival economic system. Who are the new socialist wunderkinds of America? Young people have become increasingly politicised — and increasingly radical. For those too young to remember the Cold War but old enough to be trapped by the Great Recession, Marxism holds new appeal. Josh Eidelson on the Tea Party’s “absurd” socialism obsession: Actual Marxist Benjamin Kunkel sounds off. Jesse Myerson on 7 huge misconceptions about communism (and capitalism). A look at how ALL of #Obama's ideas are rooted in #Marxism.