The Caribbean from a distance

From the International Journal of Bahamian Studies, a special issue of Caribbean Art Music. Michael Brei (Nanterre): Offshore Financial Centers in the Caribbean: An Overview. Christopher A.D. Charles (UWI): Studying the Personality of Political Leaders in the Caribbean from a Distance. Carlo A. Cubero (Tallinn): The Sea in Culebra. Valerio Simoni (IUL): Intimate Stereotypes: The Vicissitudes of Being Caliente in Touristic Cuba. Antonius Rickson Hippolyte (Hull): Unearthing the Legitimacy of CARICOM's Reparations Bid. Genetics show marks of Atlantic slave trade: A new study examines how indigenous South Americans, Africans and Europeans all left a little bit of themselves in the Caribbean basin. From Caribbean Business, CariCom unanimously adopts a broad plan on seeking reparations from European nations for what they say are the lingering ill effects of the Atlantic slave trade on the region; a look at how lack of customers dooms many Cuban businesses; Havana mob hotel Capri back in business; can Puerto Rico become a cruiseship paradise?; the Travel Channel cable network has picked up “Border Rico”, a new reality series that will follow the work of border security authorities in Puerto Rico; and abuse charges roil heavily Catholic Puerto Rico. Francisco De Armas on how maybe Puerto Rico needed a trip to the bond junkyard. Missionaries, mercenaries, and misfits: Erin B. Taylor on foreigners in Haiti. #tessnation, nation, and diaspora in the 21st century: Sheri-Marie Harrison on the case of a singer, a superstar, and a bobsled team. A dialectical entanglement: Daniel Whittall reviews The Caribbean: A Brief History by Gad Heuman.