Together again

The inaugural issue of Porn Studies is free online. Adam Lamparello (Indiana Tech): Citizens Disunited: McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. From Cabinet, making up Hollywood: Sasha Archibald on Max Factor and the invention of modern cosmetics; and spin doctors: Christopher Turner interviews Simon Schaffer on the fantasy of perpetual motion. From, Ezra Klein on how politics makes us stupid. Jonathan Chait on how to understand politics in the Obama era, when everything is secretly about race. If a right to health care is argued in the Supreme Court, does anybody hear it? W. David Koeninger wonders. The Supreme Court declines an early look at a constitutional challenge to the National Security Agency's bulk collection of millions of Americans' telephone records. Rightbloggers defend Mozilla CEO Eich — not for free speech, but against gays. Is friendship still possible under nihilistic conditions? Paul van Tongeren on Kant, Nietzsche and the idealization of friendship into nihilism. Helaine Olen on the quest to improve America’s financial literacy is both a failure and a sham. Jesse Singal on why our earthquake scale is a disaster. Pay Congress more — seriously: Alex Pareene on the case for making them rich. Why cities work even when Washington doesn't: James Fallows on the case for strong mayors. To hell and back: How nations torn apart by atrocity or civil war can stitch themselves together again. Yes, writing languages for “Game of Thrones” is a real job.