A manhood problem

The inaugural issue of Violence and Gender is out. Ryan Schacht, Kristin Liv Rauch, and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder (UC-Davis): Too Many Men: The Violence Problem? Ying Jie Chen (NTU): Surplus Males and Societal Implications. Deniese Kennedy-Kollar (Molloy) and Christopher A. D. Charles (West Indies): Hegemonic Masculinity and Mass Murderers in the United States. Luke A. Boso (Savannah): Policing Masculinity in Small-Town America. Ann McGinley (UNLV) and William S. Boyd (Suffolk): How Masculinities Distribute Power: The Influence of Ann Scales. Kaitlin Clinnin (OSU): Playing with Masculinity: Gender Bending in Second Life. Michael J. Higdon (Tennessee): Marginalized Fathers and Demonized Mothers: A Feminist Look at the Reproductive Freedom of Unmarried Men. Jonathan Crowe (Queensland): Can Men Be Feminists? Mark Karlin on how America continues to suffer the male rage of the “white wing”. This American Bro: John Saward on a portrait of the worst guy ever. Erin Gloria Ryan on the United States of Bros: A map and field guide. Men, manliness, and being naked around other men: Richard Senelick on a culture that tells people to "man up" when it comes to nudity. Chris Hayes, pro athletes and “being a man”: Elizabeth Stoker on our demented masculinity debate. Does the rise of men’s sexual objectification = equality? Audra Schroeder on what society would look like if men experienced street harassment. Your friends and rapists: Sarah Nicole Prickett on how dick culture permits the crime. Hanna Rosin on why men are obsolete. Lydia DePillis on the end of men, in one chart. Men of the world, lean out! A mere six-pack doesn't cut it in Hollywood anymore; today's male stars need 5 percent body fat, massive pecs, and the much-coveted inguinal crease. David Brooks says Obama has “a manhood problem in the Middle East”.