How animals suffer

Daniel Hooley (Toronto) and Nathan Nobis (Morehouse): A Moral Argument for Veganism. Ian Werkheiser (Michigan State): Domination and Consumption: An Examination of Veganism, Anarchism, and Ecofeminism. Jonathan Anomaly (Duke): What's Wrong with Factory Farming? Michael Loadenthal (George Mason): Days of War, Knights of Tempeh: Anarchism, Animal Liberation and A History of Social War. William A. Edmundson (Georgia State): Do Animals Need Rights? Behind the scenes at Animal Planet: An investigation reveals how animals suffer on the network's top reality show. From Rolling Stone, animal cruelty is the price we pay for cheap meat: Paul Solotaroff goes inside the belly of the beast. U.S. pork producers move to reform factory farm abuses: Some of the most inhumane practices will be phased out under new guidelines. Moral animals? Dan Hooley reviews Can Animals Be Moral by Mark Rowlands. Brian Berkey reviews A Theory of Justice for Animals: Animal Rights in a Nonideal World by Robert Garner. James McWilliams on loving animals to death: How can we raise them humanely and then butcher them? Lab-grown meat could solve the environmental and ethical problems of industrial agriculture, but will anyone want to eat it? Tom Levitt reports. Do invertebrates feel pain? Boiled alive and torn limb from limb — it's time we took seriously the question of whether animals like squid, octopus and lobsters suffer. Do lobsters and other invertebrates feel pain? New research has some answers. Sea turtles, sharks and whales: Lindsay Abrams on the accidental casualties of our seafood industry. Banning traditional animal slaughter, Denmark stokes religious ire.