Global warming, politics, ideologies, economics, and more

From The Economist, about 0.1% of world GDP would tackle climate change, a bargain, and more on how the costs of stabilising global warming are negligible. Could it be true that staving off the severe effects posed by climate change won't impose ruinous costs? The IPCC thinks so. The catch? It only works if everyone joins in.

Delegates from 120 countries have approved the first road map for combating climate change. A new report looks at the environmental benefits and drawbacks of wind power. Brewing energy in Australia: An article on converting beer byproducts into energy. Global warming is just a symptom: If we're seriously pro-life and want to see the planet survive, we need to get a handle on the population explosion — that's what is ultimately at the center of our unfolding environmental catastrophe.

From California Literary Review, Dear Minister, America is headed down; can it reverse course? From New English Review, Theodore Dalrymple on how There Is No God but Politics; and John Derbyshire on Private Lives. Amanda Marcotte on Feminism in the Era of Girls Gone Wild: Everyone these days wants to hear how young women have lost their way, especially if the author can blame feminism for it. But in reality, feminism has been anything but a tragedy for women. Is stripping a feminist act? If a woman chooses to objectify herself — shedding her clothes to obtain power through money — is she helping to eliminate gender inequality or simply degrading herself? A former adult entertainer shares her story.

From New Politics, an essay on the Hyde Amendment: The opening wedge to abolish abortion; and it is heartening to see the stigma of adoption lessening. It is time to put aside the idealization of the biological nuclear family. Form Stars & Stripes, sailors say Kitty Hawk’s "homophobic culture" forced them to out themselves; a discharged gay sailor is called back to active duty; and a look at other militaries’ policies. More than 40 percent of soldiers and Marines who recently served in the war zone believe torture should be allowed if it would save the life of a comrade, according to a 2006 military mental health assessment.

From The Situationist, an essay on Justice Thomas and the conservative hypocrisy. Reading the Constitution Right: Clarence Thomas’s fidelity to our founding documents is making its mark on the Supreme Court. The Temptation of Justice Thomas: In his latest anti-abortion opinion, Clarence Thomas hints at a moment of doubt.  The silences of social democracy: A review of What’s Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way by Nick Cohen.

The anti-poverty report issued last week by the Center for American Progress brings together some of the most pragmatic ideas on poverty reduction. What gives? From CT, an article on The Joy of Policy Manuals: There's more to workplace justice than good intentions. Executive pleonexia: Joseph D. Becker on how to limit executive-pay scandals. How to ensure your charitable donation goes where you want. An article on the economics of laziness. Plays well with others?

Spoilt, arrogant, lonely, ill-equipped for life...are just a sprinkling of the labels attached to only children. As their numbers increase, Miranda Green, an ’only’ herself, sorts out the facts from the fiction. And seeking shared delight through festivity, dance and ritual is a powerful human drive that, as Dancing in the Streets shows, has long worried those in power