Bob Colacell, Brigid Berlin and Vincent Fremont on Andy Warhol

Biographer Bob Colacello & special guests Brigid Berlin & Vincent Fremont talk about Andy Warhol.

Bob Colacello edited Andy Warhol's Interview magazine and was a close collaborator with Warhol for many years. Bob's biography of Warhol, Holy Terror, has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest insights into the elusive and influential artist. Now Holy Terror is back in a revised, enhanced edition. Drawing not only on Bob's time working with Warhol, this updated edition includes a wealth of newly published photographs from Bob's time at the Factory.

Bob is joined by two other very special guests from Andy Warhol's Factory circle, Vincent Fremont, a staple in the collective from 1969 on and longtime exclusive agent for the Warhol Foundation, and Brigid Berlin, an American artist and an Andy Warhol superstar.