Capitalism, despite Marx’s best efforts

From Historical Materialism, Charles Post (BMCC): Capitalism, Laws of Motion and Social Relations of Production. William Robinson (UCSB): The Fetishism of Empire: A Critical Review of Panich and Gindin's The Making of Global Capitalism. Martin Sandbu reviews Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism by David Harvey and Utopia or Bust: A Guide to the Present Crisis by Benjamin Kunkel. Occupy was right: Capitalism has failed the world. From the New School’s new Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies, Julia Ott and William Milberg on how a more generous, egalitarian, patient, deliberate, and accountable form of capitalism must begin with incisive and interdisciplinary social inquiry, without which policy change cannot be successful. From Public Seminar, is “capitalism” an adequate term to describe the currently dominant mode of production? McKenzie Wark wonders; and if you want to show that your version of Marxism is better than somebody else’s, the quickest way to do so is to call the other version vulgar. Isaac Chotiner interviews Thomas Piketty: “I don't care for Marx” (and more). Marx rises again: Ross Douthat on how old ideas are having a comeback in the new Gilded Age. Michael Brendan Dougherty on the conservative case against capitalism: The left's anxiety about concentrated wealth was anticipated almost a century ago — by the Catholic right. It’s hard to think of a better piece of evidence proving that capitalism, despite Marx’s best efforts, has thoroughly kicked communism’s ass. A Wikihow Guide to what to do if your friend is a communist. Has capitalism seen its day? Wolfgang Streeck wonders. John Fram on his quest for an introductory understanding of modern economic theory.