The politics of climate change

Michael W. Wara (Stanford): Building an Effective Climate Regime While Avoiding Carbon and Energy Stalemate. Georges Alexandre Lenferna (Washington): Betting on Climate Failure: The Ethics and Economics of Fossil Fuel Divestment. John C. Berg (Suffolk): Leave It in the Ground: Science, Politics, and the Movement to End Coal Use. Chris Hayes on the new abolitionism: Avoiding planetary disaster will mean forcing fossil fuel companies to give up at least $10 trillion in wealth. Cutting back on carbon: Saving the planet would be a lot cheaper than you’d think. Jonathan Chait on how the politics of climate change this summer will be worse than Obamacare’s. Obama makes his bid to become the environmental president. Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson on everything you need to know about the EPA’s proposed rule on coal plants. Ryan Koronowski on 8 things you should know about the biggest thing a president’s ever done on climate change. From TNR, a look at why enviros are saying such nice things about the new EPA rules; and how the politics of climate change regulations aren't anything like Obamacare. Obama’s climate change regulations are less ambitious than what Republicans were proposing in 2008. Jamie Fuller on how environmental policy became partisan: Environmental policy wasn't always this divisive (and more). Key Steiger on refuting the Right on climate. We have entered a new frontier of climate skepticism — not mere skepticism about climate scientists’ consensus view, but a meta-skepticism that climate scientists even believe it at all. New polling has an answer to the question of what term is better for climate hawks to use: “global warming” or “climate change”.