Iberia and the 21st Century

The inaugural issue of BOGA: Basque Studies Consortium Journal is out. Huw Evans (Cardiff): Law and Legitimacy: The Denial of the Catalan Voice. Klemens Olafur Thrastarson (Pompeu Fabra): Iberia and the 21st Century (A Federal Republic of Iberia). Mario Espinoza Pino (Complutense): The Spanish Revolt: Defying the Crisis from Below. Paul Anderson (Pompeu Fabra): Recognition and Political Accommodation of National Minorities: The Case of Catalonia. Lluis Perez Lozano and Marc Sanjaume Calvet (Pompeu Fabra): Legalizing Secession: The Catalan Case. Estat Propi: Christopher Jury Morgan on negotiations of statehood in Catalonia. How likely is Catalan independence? Xavier Vila Carrera the domain of Spain. Playing chicken in Catalonia: Spain's political heavyweights have locked themselves into a secession face-off that could tear apart the country. Wars of Spanish secession: Catalonia is set on an independence vote, despite Madrid’s hostility. Roads to utopia: Sarah Hill goes inside Spain's model village. From El Pais, Natalia Junquera on an abdication plan that was five months in the making; and how King Juan Carlos revealed his abdication secret. Spain's poisoned chalice: The Spanish monarchy is in big trouble, and not even a young, handsome new king may be able to do anything about it (and more). Left and pro-sovereignty forces demand republic referendum. The King is dead, long live the giddy baby elephant of the people! With leftist, republican and independence movements brewing, could Felipe be the last King of Spain? Matt Bellassai on 49 reasons the Spanish World Cup team is definitely the hottest World Cup team.