Hot topics in political philosophy

Fabienne Peter (Warwick): The Epistemic Circumstances of Democracy. Xavier Landes (Copenhagen): The Normative Foundations of (Social) Insurance: Technology, Social Practice and Political Philosophy. Noelle McAfee (Emory): The Affective Dimensions of Public Will Formation. Oscar Garza (Bath): From the Idea of Justice to the Idea of Injustice: Mixing the Ideal, Non-Ideal and Dynamic Conceptions of Injustice. Miodrag A. Jovanovic (Belgrade): A Justification of “Militant Democracy”: Moral Truths and the Game-Like Character of Democracy. Ayelet Shachar (Toronto) and Rainer Baubock (EUI): Should Citizenship Be for Sale? Chris Armstrong (Southampton): Natural Resources: The Demands of Equality. Candice Delmas (Clemson): Samaritanism and Political Legitimacy. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Accountability: Fundamental to Democracy. Liora Lazarus (Oxford): The Right to Security. Aaron Maltais (Stockholm): Political Obligations in a Sea of Tyranny and Crushing Poverty. From The Ethics Forum, a book symposium on Pablo Gilabert’s From Global Poverty to Global Equality: A Philosophical Exploration and Mathias Risse’s On Global Justice. From Crooked Timber, a book symposium on Joseph Carens’s The Ethics of Immigration. Epistemology and democracy: Robert B. Talisse and Scott F. Aikin are the dynamic duo of 3Quarksdaily, thinking about the social nature and political significance of argument. Chris Bertram on teaching Rawls after Piketty. Should we care about inequality? Let’s ask a philosopher — here is what the venerable Jean-Jacques Rousseau can tell us (and a “response” by Jean-Francois de Saint-Lambert). Theo Hobson on a series on Jean-Jacques Rousseau — as relevant as ever. Brian Leiter on hot topics in political philosophy: Is global justice still "hot", and if not, what is?