Something rare

William Baude (Chicago): Zombie Federalism. David Ellerman (UC-Riverside): On the Renting of Persons. Lindsay F. Wiley (American): Sugary Drinks, Happy Meals, Social Norms, and the Law: The Normative Impact of Product Configuration Bans. From the inaugural issue of FLEKS: Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and Practice, Kristin Rygg (NHH): Intercultural Training: Learn to Avoid Treading on Other People’s Toes or Experience Walking in the Other Person’s Shoes. Pope Francis says communists are closet Christians. The rich who believe that they’re a persecuted minority: Stephen Schwarzman, Tom Perkins, and other billionaires have recently ranted against the poor and middle class — James Surowiecki explains why. Matthew Hutson on how rivalries bring out our best — and worst. Trebor Scholz on the politics of the sharing economy. On Popper and Hayek: Jeremy Sheamur interviewed by Richard Marshall. Hobby Lobby wasn't about religious freedom — it was about abortion. Brian Beutler on how the Hobby Lobby ruling isn't about religious liberty — it's about conservative sexual morality. Alexander C. Kaufman on how Hobby Lobby still covers vasectomies and Viagra. Thanassis Cambanis on the surprising appeal of ISIS: It’s murderous, intolerant, and dangerous, but the group offers Sunnis something rare in the Middle East — a chance to feel like a citizen. ISIS risks everything to declare a caliphate: After months of gaining territory, weapons, and cash, ISIS is putting its global credibility on the line in a play that could backfire spectacularly. Daniel Altman on why it’s okay to have mixed feelings about Luis Suarez.