Over the years

Jeffrey S. Peake (Clemson): The Obama Administration's Use of Executive Agreements: Business as Usual or Presidential Unilateralism? Luz Cabrera-Frias (Georgetown): Cyber Courtship: Computer Matchmaking and Trends in Online Romance. Jeongsub Lim (Sosang): Redefinition of Online Scoops: Online Journalists’ Personal and Institutional Responses to Online Scoops. From the Journal of World-Systems Research, a special issue on the Political Economy of Commodity Chains; Patrick Ziltener (Zurich) and Daniel Kunzler (Fribourg): Impacts of Colonialism: A Research Survey; and Gregory P. Williams interviews Immanuel Wallerstein on a retrospective on the origins of world-systems analysis. Choose your own adventure: Luke Pagarani on how racialized sexual fantasies imagine desire as an array of exciting ice cream flavors, but the consumer is always assumed to be vanilla. David Trotter reviews Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator by Andreas Bernard. Why do people persist in believing things that just aren't true? Roy Edroso on libertarians and Hobby Lobby: Is there anything they can’t make worse? Adrianna McIntyre on seven reasons birth control pills shouldn't require a prescription. Jared Bernstein on why the GOP really wants to defund IRS: Hint — it's not about punishing administrative incompetence. When a literary magazine dies, what happens to the poems, stories, essays, and artwork that have been published in its pages over the years? Christie Taylor on a new home for defunct journals. Who cares about the World Cup? Liberals, Hispanics and young people.