Can the Supreme Court be rescued from politics?

James A. Gardner (SUNY-Buffalo): Partitioning and Rights: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Accidental Jurisprudence of Democratic Process. Brian Leiter (Chicago): The Case Against Free Speech. David Alan Sklansky (UC-Berkeley): Too Much Information: How Not to Think About Privacy and the Fourth Amendment. Suja A. Thomas (Illinois): Blackstone's Curse: The Fall of the Criminal, Civil, and Grand Juries and the Rise of the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the States. Alex Mayyasi on how a lawsuit over hot coffee helped erode the 7th Amendment. Peter M. Shane on the myth of the anti-government constitution. Gary Lawson reviews The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government by Richard Epstein. Can the Supreme Court be rescued from politics? The court in recent years has only grown more polarized and ideological — and the trend lines don't look good. Hannah Fairfield and Adam Liptak on a more nuanced breakdown of the Supreme Court. Scalia v. Scalia: Does his faith influence his judicial decision making? (and more) The Roberts Court thinks corporations have more rights than you do: David H. Gans on how the chief justice continues his First Amendment revolution. Hobby Lobby and Harris: Jeffrey Toobin on the trap in the Supreme Court’s “narrow” decisions. Amanda Hollis-Brusky on how Supreme Court justices “benchslapped” each other in the Hobby Lobby case. Wheaton College injunction: Dahlia Lithwick and Sonja West on how the Supreme Court just sneakily reversed itself on Hobby Lobby. A progressive Supreme Court agenda: Let's consider what it would be like if our nation's highest court was actually committed to the notion of "liberty and justice for all".