Every datum tells a story

A new issue of the International Public Policy Review is out. Thom Brooks (Durham): Hegel's Political Philosophy. Paolo Lobba (Bollogna): Holocaust Denial Before the European Court of Human Rights: Evolution of an Exceptional Regime. Russell Bennetts and Daniel Tutt interview Simon Critchley, co-author of The Hamlet Doctrine: Knowing Too Much, Doing Nothing. Today’s young people are held to be alienated, unhappy, violent failures — they are proving anything but. What does going to a Mexican restaurant outside of Mexico mean for the restaurant goers and how can this potentially alter their understanding of Mexican culture? Lewis Defrates investigates. Every datum tells a story: Mark P. Mills and Anthony Mills on the dawning of the age of meta-information. Because we’re worth it: How and why lofty ideologies cohabit with rampant corruption. Iraq has warned the UN that Sunni militants have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the city of Mosul. Why do we find sex more shocking than violence? AR Torre wants to know. Tim Marchman on what Brazil's loss meant, and what it didn't mean. World Cup final pits Francis vs Benedict in papal match. A study finds anti-Obamacare ads might have actually increased enrollment. The enemy’s invasion fleet has been destroyed; its huge losses on the field of battle have left it on the brink of surrender; the enemy soldiers will be slaughtered by our brave civilian defenders as they attempt to enter the capital; the resistance will triumph!