Fighting climate change

Sarah E. Light (Penn): Valuing National Security: Climate Change, the Military, and Society. Victor Byers Flatt and Heather Payne (UNC): Not One without the Other: The Challenge of Integrating U. S. Environment, Energy, Climate, and Economic Policy. Warwick McKibbin (ANU), Adele C. Morris (Brookings), and Peter Wilcoxen (Syracuse): The Economic Consequences of Delay in U.S. Climate Policy. Ezra Klein on 7 reasons America will fail on climate change (and a response). Ryan Cooper on the case for optimism on climate change: Things look bad, but they could change quickly. Hamilton Nolan on why a carbon tax is our only hope. Justin Gillis on a price tag on carbon as a climate rescue plan. Henry Paulson on why we need to tax carbon dioxide emissions to protect our economy (Earth to Hank Paulson: Who do you think you're talking to?). Matthew Yglesias on the deafening silence of "reform conservatives" on climate change. Dear conservatives, you are 100 percent wrong that climate action will kill the economy. Fighting climate change with taxpayer dollars isn't a fight against freedom — it's a fight against the end of the planet. Greg Page, the chairman of the largest private company in America, just told the 1 percent to worry about climate change. A look at how the NRDC finds itself in the awkward position of not being able to claim full credit for what probably ranks as the most important policy triumph ever recorded by an American advocacy organization. Obama's new rules for coal plants are a B.F.D. — the ensuing political fight may be even bigger. Trish Kahle on rank-and-file environmentalism: Labor is often considered hopelessly reactionary on the environment — but democratic unions can fight for both jobs and the planet.