Men’s issues

Sam de Boise (York): Learning to Be Affected: Masculinities, Music and Social Embodiment. Stephen Burrell (Tampere): The Invisibility of Men's Practices: A Discourse Analysis of Gender in Domestic Violence Policy. Joanna Schroeder on violence in the everyday lives of our boys. Why are boys so lonely and violent? Niobe Way on the friendship crisis. With a sequel to Fight Club on the way, are men still suffering the same anxieties and frustrations which inspired the original story two decades ago? Americans think they’re smarter than the average American — rich white guys think this most of all. The Louis C.K. Effect: Jesse Singal on why overweight men have higher status than overweight women. John Burnside on why men avoid growing up. How to Pick Up Girls!, the PUA community's foundational text, is a deeply disturbing portrait of male entitlement. “Feminism is a sexual strategy”: Inside the angry online men’s rights group. At what was billed as the first annual international conference on men’s issues, feminists were ruining everything (and more). Men’s rights conference host Paul Elam says women who drink and dance are “begging” for rape. Meet Marilyn D. York, female men’s rights attorney. In praise of the “beta male”: Tracy Clark-Flory on how sensitive, nurturing, conflict-averse communicators make great partners. Yes, men, you can be feminists — but it’s actually really hard work. Noah Berlatsky on a short history of male feminism: From Frederick Douglass and John Stuart Mill to today's scholars, there are plenty of men who, despite their flaws, have helped advance women's liberation. Men as feminist allies: 35 practical tools for men to further feminist revolution. “It's not a contradiction for men to discriminate against other men”: An interview with Adam Jones, author of Gender Inclusive: Essays on Violence, Men, and Feminist International Relations.