The police presence in Ferguson

From The Economist, no-knock raids, assault weapons and armoured cars — America’s police use paramilitary tactics too often. Sarah Goodyear on the Fergusons we already forgot: There's no shortage of examples of militarized U.S. policing gone wrong in recent years. Did Congress help create an environment for crisis in Ferguson, Missouri? (and more) Zaid Jilani on how two months ago, Congress had a chance to help prevent the escalating militarization of police. Rep. Hank Johnson's push to curb police militarization gets big boost after Ferguson. Daniel Newhauser on how Congress is not canceling the Pentagon-to-police weapons program anytime soon. Alex S. Vitale on how to end militarized policing: We can undo the policies facilitating police violence in Ferguson. What is the National Guard to do when the police already resemble them? Emily Badger wonders. Kelsey D. Atherton on a spotter's guide to military-grade gear now being used by police tactical equipment without a strategic goal (and more). Here is an illustrated guide to the police presence in Ferguson. A history of police uniforms and why they matter: Aarian Marshall on how uniforms have influenced interactions between cops and citizens since the start of American policing. No, a soldier cop on every corner does not sound great. Martin Patriquin on why the NRA’s silence in the tear-gas wake of Ferguson, Missouri is so telling. From National Review, Charles C. W. Cooke on the Right’s wrong reaction to the Missouri shooting: Many conservatives are giving off the impression that they want to talk about something else; and Rich Lowry on the grossly exaggerated militarization-of-police critique of Ferguson. Has the Right really shifted on police militarization and abuse? Peter Hart wonders. Conservatives still want the parts of police brutality they've always wanted: Physical intimidation of their enemies, and a vicarious feeling of butchitude — they just don't want to pay for it. Rightbloggers try anti-cop angle on Ferguson, but revert to old Ooga-Booga. Officer Darren Wilson, Michael Brown's shooter, is now an online cult hero (and more). The Right’s “race lobby” trash: Simon Maloy on why WSJ’s Ferguson explanation is absurd. Brian Beutler on how the Right-wing response to Ferguson is depressingly predictable.