Taxes, a moral principle

Allison Christians (McGill): Regulating Tax Preparers: A Global Problem for the IRS. Tanina Rostain and Milton C. Regan (Georgetown): The IRS Under Siege. Allen D. Madison (South Dakota): The Futility of Tax Protester Arguments. Scott McLemee reviews American Tax Resisters by Romain D. Huret. For both death and taxes, a moral principle that ought to guide a person’s (or a collective’s) actions has been transmuted into a matter of bureaucratic rule compliance and public relations management. Jeremie Rostan on the ethics of corporate income taxation and corporate income tax sheltering. How House Republicans are helping people (and corporations) cheat on their taxes. The Republican civil war over taxes is coming. Can taxing the wealthy strengthen democracy? Deborah Boucoyannis investigates. Big oil companies pay 23.3 percentage points less in tax than the rate typically imposed on corporations, according to a new report. Don't believe the crocodile tears over high corporate tax rates. Edward D. Kleinbard (USC): “Competitiveness” Has Nothing to Do with It. Democrats want to ban government contracts for companies that leave the U.S. to avoid taxes. Danny Vinik on Obama's next target: Corporate tax avoiders. Jared Bernstein on how the White House can stop companies from moving their mailbox to foreign tax shelters. Michael Hiltzik on closing loopholes that let U.S. firms avoid taxes by using inversions. Danielle Douglas on the companies abandoning the U.S. to dodge taxes. As U.S. firms flee to Europe, can Washington get its act together on tax reform? Bryce Covert on how ditching the U.S. for lower taxes doesn’t always pay off. Justin Fox on the conversation we should be having about corporate taxes. Dean Baker on how to think about the corporate income tax. Now Burger King is renouncing its US citizenship — let’s eat somewhere else. Burger King plans to buy Tim Horton’s and destroy Canada.