How to talk about climate change so people will listen

Christian Downie (UNSW): Three Ways to Understand State Actors in International Negotiations: The Case of Climate Change in the Clinton Years (1993-2000). Robert V. Percival (Maryland): Presidential Power to Address Climate Change in an Era of Legislative Gridlock. Sarah Anderson (UCSB) et al: Mobilization, Polarization, and Compromise: The Effect of Political Moralizing on Climate Change Politics. Brian Berkey (Stanford): Climate Change, Moral Intuitions, and Moral Demandingness. Charles C. Mann on how to talk about climate change so people will listen. Diana Liverman on how to teach about climate without making your students feel hopeless. Will a social movement rise up against global warming? Robert Jay Lifton on the climate swerve. Stop obsessing about global warming: Amartya Sen on how environmentalists are ignoring poor countries' needs. Joe Strupp on why The Washington Post is running a series of editorials on the "existential threat" of climate change. The president has a new strategy to forge a climate change accord — but what about escalation? Obama’s climate deal doesn’t need the Senate. Rebecca Leber on how GOP extremism isn't just hurting America — it's hurting our planet; and on how we're stuck with the global warming "hiatus" myth for years to come. Robert Frank on shattering myths to help the climate. Even if you stupid libtards are right, environmentalism is futile and we should just all prepare for an earlier-than-expected deliverance unto the loving arms of Jesus. No arguments seem to sway right-wing politicians and commentators in the United States and Australia, says John Quiggin — will we have to wait for demography to do its work? Eduardo Porter on reducing carbon by curbing population.