Advice for a happy life

From the Journal of Social Research and Policy, a special issue on Between Wealth and Well-Being: Consumption, psychology and quality of life. Stephan Humpert (Leuphana): Gender Differences in Life Satisfaction and Social Participation. Jonathan Phillips (Yale), Sven Nyholm (Cologne), and Shen-yi Liao (NTU): The Good in Happiness. Virginia E. Harper Ho (Kansas): The Pursuit of Happiness with Chinese Characteristics. Steven Luper (Trinity): Life's Meaning. Sean P. Wojcik and Peter H. Ditto (UC-Irvine): Motivated Happiness: Self-Enhancement Inflates Self-Reported Subjective Well-Being. Mikko Myrskyla (LSE) and Rachel Margolis (Western Ontario): Happiness: Before and After the Kids. Sebastiano Bavetta (Palermo), Dario Maimone (Messina), Peter Miller and Pietro Navarra (Penn): Autonomy, Political Freedom, and Happiness. Amitai Etzioni (George Washington): Politics and Culture in an Age of Austerity. Charles Murray on advice for a happy life. Though the practical applications of happiness are still at the early stages, Japanese environmental thought-leader Junko Edahiro is looking to spread the idea of happiness as a policy tool within Japan and throughout the world. Many shoppers, whether they buy material items or life experiences, are no happier following the purchase than they were before, according to a new study. Does a higher minimum wage make people happier? Michael Krassa and Benjamin Radcliff investigate. If you have won the lottery, or if you plan to do so, please keep reading this column. Here’s how much of your own happiness is under your control. Ester Bloom on why big data can’t buy you happiness: Does a by-the-numbers advice column really give advice? Timothy N. Bond and Kevin Lang on using happiness scales to inform policy: Strong words of caution.