Something incredible is happening in Scotland

Richard C. Powell (Oxford): Subarctic Backyards? Britain, Scotland, and the Paradoxical Politics of the European High North. Phil Steinberg on mapping Scotland’s waters. How did it come to this? A confluence of historical forces, North Sea oil and absent-minded politicians has put Britain’s union at risk. From island nation to Atlantic archipelago: Michael Morris on re-assessing Scotland, Britain and Atlantic slavery. Peter Pomerantsev on being British: If Scotland votes “Yes” to independence, Scots and English will both lose a country, Great Britain, but also gain a new one. Something incredible is happening in Scotland — and if the result is a yes vote the shock to the UK will be extreme. No, Scottish independence would not guarantee permanent Tory rule. Hayes Brown on how the new royal baby could stop Scottish independence. Showdown in Scotland: With the independence referendum looming, public opinion is shocking the political establishment by shifting in favor of a break from the United Kingdom — should Europe prepare the welcome mat for a brand-new country? Sionaidh Douglas-Scott (Oxford): How Easily Could an Independent Scotland Join the EU? Neil Walker (Edinburgh): Our Constitutional Unsettlement. Jonathan Wills on how most of the Act of Union would survive Scottish “independence”. Christopher McCrudden (QUB): State Architecture: Subsidiarity, Devolution, Federalism and Independence. Is Menzies Campbell the man who could save the union? Serena Kutchinsky on how the former Liberal Democrat leader's federalist vision offers a legitimate alternative to independence. Tim Willems (Oxford): You Can Go Your Own Way: Explaining Partisan Support for Independence. Seth Jolly (Syracuse): Voting for Nation or State: Determinants of Independence Support in Scotland and Catalonia. From Kurdistan to Texas, Scots spur separatists. Scotland's democratic revolution: The Scottish bid for independence could set a new precedent for separatist movements around the world.