Feminism has conquered the culture

The latest issue of Politics and Gender is free online. Farida Jalalzai (Missouri) and Amy C. Alexander (UC-Irvine): The Symbolic Effects of Female Heads of States and Government. Women pay more attention to politics when their senator is a woman — and men significantly outperform women on tests of political knowledge. Is politics beyond Cosmopolitan's purview? Jill Filipovic wonders. Finally, serious women are standing up for fashion magazines. Feminism has conquered the culture — now comes the hard part: Rebecca Traister and Judith Shulevitz debate this unprecedented opportunity. Does feminism have a class problem? Kathleen Geier investigates. Moira Donegan on how elite education may impoverish and indebt young women and do little to get them a job, but at least it makes their eggs valuable. Victoria Bromley and Aalya Ahmad (Carleton): Women’s Studies: Are We "Broad" Enough? Elizabeth Segran on how women's studies departments are failing feminism: By refusing to engage with personal matters, academics are alienating a generation. Feminism's real first wave was America's early teachers: An interview with Dana Goldstein, author of The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession. Will Harvard ever have an MBA class with 50 percent women? Bryce Covert on how women executives are stuck in jobs that don’t lead to CEO. Why are there so many women in public relations? Olga Khazan investigates. Why do we treat PR like a pink ghetto? Gender quotas worked in Norway — why not here? Alice Lee wonders. What do the recent Supreme Court decisions mean for women’s economic security? Vivien Labaton on five myths about the gender pay gap. Tyler Cowen on why the economic gender gap will eventually close. The Sex Amendment: Louis Menand on how women got in on the Civil Rights Act.