Reports from inside

Heleana Theixos (Miami): Adult Children and Eldercare: The Moral Considerations of Filial Obligations. Michael S. Kochin (Tel Aviv): Nations Unchained: Revolution, Empire, and the Collapse of the Westphalian Order. From The Baffler, Jacob Silverman on what to do about Uber. Ilan Stavans writes in defense of Spanglish: Low-bred languages, the class struggle, and why Amherst College teaches Spanglish. The introduction to Cowardice: A Brief History by Chris Walsh. Sheelah Kolhatkar on Anita Sarkeesian: “The gaming industry's greatest adversary is just getting started”. Colum Lynch on how the race for U.N. Secretary-General is rigged. Olga Khazan on the new heroin epidemic. More guns, more crime: Stanford research undermines the NRA’s favorite study. Heather O’Donohue reviews Trolls: An Unnatural History by John Lindow. Disconnecting Acts: Arne De Boever and Efrain Kristal interview Zygmunt Bauman. Chris Lehmann on how reports from inside First Look Media suggest that maybe Silicon Valley shouldn’t manage journalists. Jeb Lund on the right-wing playbook that says, “The real racist is someone who sees racism when I don't”, only tweaked to, “The real outrage was all these expressions of outrage without my consent”. Willie Osterweil writes in defense of looting: For most of America’s history, one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics available was looting. Everybody's worst fear after Ferguson: Nothing changes. ThinkProgress on what you need to know to win an immigration Obamacare climate change climate denial marriage equality argument with your Right-wing uncle this Thanksgiving. Max Ehrenfreund on seven global trends to be really, really thankful for.