Music’s culture wars

Reginald Leamon Robinson (Howard): Hoes, Bitches, and the Search for Enlightened Witnesses: Gangsta Rap Lyrics and the Real Truth of Black Mother-Son Love. Who rules hip-hop’s past, Biggie or Kool Herc? As a cultural juggernaut hits middle age, two parallel visions emerge for what “classic” should mean. Roberto Domingo on an existential history of rap aesthetics and black identity. Steven Netcoh (St. John’s): Droppin’ Knowledge on Race: Hip-Hop, White Adolescents, and Anti-Racism Education. Chris Osterndorf on what the battle between Iggy Azalea and Eminem says about music's culture wars. Belle and Sebastian are statistically the whitest band on the Internet. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget: Deanne Stillman on a few thoughts on Iraq, “Hotel California”, and coming home. Quit defending the Eagles — they’re simply terrible. EJ Dickson writes in defense of Nickelback. Nico Lang on how U2 became the new Nickelback. Joshua Rothman on the Church of U2. Nico Lang on the assassination of Courtney Love. Macon Holt on how Gene Simmons helped kill rock. Alex Park on how war-shattered Angola gave birth to a heavy-metal scene. The sound of history's future: In the 1970s, a new wave of bands looked beyond the drugginess of psychedelia to classical music as the true guide — Peter Bebergal explores the occult roots of the prog-rock genre. Is philosophy blue? Lewis Gordon on the intersection between philosophy and blues music. Justin Moyer on how all that jazz isn’t all that great. Jakob Schiller on the colorful, all-consuming world of marching bands. A friend to endangered music: Gal Beckerman on Catherine Grant’s quest to sustain the world’s musical genres, from yak hymns to funeral songs. Why do we keep having the same debates about pop songs? Eric Weisbard on formats, the least understood, most essential reason we hear some music and not others.