Rape culture on college campuses

Corey Rayburn Yung (Kansas): Concealing Campus Sexual Assault: An Empirical Examination of Clery Act Data. Karen Oehme, Nat Stern, and Annelise Mennicke (Florida State): A Deficiency in Addressing Campus Sexual Assault: The Lack of Women Law Enforcement Officers. From Rolling Stone, a rape and the struggle for justice at UVA: Jackie was just starting her freshman year at the University of Virginia when she was brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party — when she tried to hold them accountable, a whole new kind of abuse. Paul Farhi on Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the woman behind Rolling Stone’s explosive U-Va. alleged rape story. The University of Virginia finally confronts its rape problem: Dahlia Lithwick on how the confidential sexual assault investigation system has failed. Judith Shulevitz on where UVA went wrong: Students need to see rape as a felony, not just a campus infraction. Erik Wemple on how Rolling Stone whiffed in reporting on alleged rape. Tara Culp-Ressler on why these rape survivors want the world to know their real names. Jennifer Williams on what Bill Cosby and the University of Virginia can teach us (and more). Sexual assault investigation at Yale sparks national discussion on dangers for both women and men. Feminist writers Wendy McElroy and Jessica Valenti debate the role of rape culture on campus assaults. How much does sexual assault cost college students every year? Alexandra Brodsky investigates. Daniel W. Drezner on manners, customs and the rape culture on college campuses. Why doesn't MIT trust its own students to recognize sexual assault? Batya Ungar-Sargon on the problems with the university's new survey. From TNR, accused college rapists have rights, too: The victims deserve justice — the men deserve due process; and Lee Bollinger and Suzanne Goldberg explain Columbia’s response to campus rape. Jonathan Chait on how liberals get illiberal on campus rape. Radio host Dennis Prager calls campus rape culture “big lie”.