The alarming evolution of terrorism

From NYRB, Sarah Birke on how ISIS rules. Is IS a threat to the structure of international law? The theological and ideological basis for IS’s struggle visualizes this as a fight against the spiritual power centre of European public international law — Rome. What should we do about ISIS? We may have to use force in the Middle East, but we should not relinquish our values. Gerald Waltman (Mississippi): Prosecuting ISIS. How Malala can help defeat the Islamic State: Empowering Muslim women is the key to degrading and ultimately destroying medieval and reactionary fanaticism. Simon Critchley on the case for paying ransoms. Boko Haram is acting increasingly like the Islamic State — why don’t we treat it that way? The ISIS babies are freaking adorable. David Skillicorn (Queen's): Empirical Assessment of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Taliban Propaganda. Gyorgy Fogarasi (Szeged): Offstage Fright: Terrorism and Theatricality. Samuel William Bettwy (Thomas Jefferson): Evolving Cinematic Perspectives of Terrorism. Jacob Pembroke (Birmingham): Constructing American Identity and the Terrorist “Other”: Representations of Foreign Policy and Identity in post-2007 Hollywood Cinema. Colin R. G. Murray (Newcastle): The Problems with Proscription: Tackling Terrorist Organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom. Robert Zaretsky on 19th century Paris, terrorism's training ground. Beenish Ahmed on Charlie Hebdo and the alarming evolution of terrorism.