Scare them with drones

Michael Stokes Paulsen (St. Thomas): Drone On: The Commander in Chief Power to Target and Kill Americans. David W. Glazier (Loyola): The Drone: It’s in the Way that You Use It. Obama administration to allow allied countries to buy military drones. Robert Farley on the five most deadly drone powers in the world. John Markoff on fearing bombs that can pick whom to kill. We can now build autonomous killing machines — and that’s a very, very bad idea. New rules governing drone journalism are on the way — and there’s reason to be optimistic. Konstantin Kakaes on how the FAA’s new drone rules are four years late and still don’t make sense. Secret Service declines to tell D.C. residents when and where it will scare them with drones. John Burkoff (Pittsburgh): Law Enforcement Use of Drones and Privacy Rights in the United States. Robert Molko (Western State): The Drones are Coming! Will the Fourth Amendment Stop Their Threat to Our Privacy? Gregory S. McNeal (Pepperdine): Drones and Aerial Surveillance: Considerations for Legislators. A new drone will hunt down other drones and crash them. Benjamin Wallace-Wells on drones and everything after. Kenan Christiansen interviews Jan Hiersemenzel, founder of TravelByDrone, which has a library of more than 8,000 user-uploaded videos. John Marshall on the Uber-drone convergence. Now, anyone can buy a drone — heaven help us. Drones could soon watch you have sex.