An Obamacare fairytale

From Vox, Sarah Kliff on the accidental case against Obamacare: How a lawyer, a law professor, and a libertarian found the Affordable Care Act's secret weakness. Bad faith and bull from ACA critics: In order to properly plumb the depths of the Bad Faith shared by Orin Hatch and his cohorts, we have to examine what this SCOTUS case is really about, what’s at stake, and how ridiculously the ACA’s critics have responded to it. Marty Lederman on “plain meaning”, absurdity, and the (almost forgotten) Gregory/Bond federalism canon, in King v. Burwell. The Supreme Court hears an Obamacare fairytale. The odds that each Justice will vote to destroy Obamacare. Americans are making a big mistake about health care. Ezra Klein on who's getting covered because of Obamacare and how, in one giant chart. The Supreme Court could wreck Obamacare just as the country’s uninsured rate hits a new low. A study details the deadly consequences of gutting Obamacare. Ian Millhauser on how insurance companies are preparing for disaster if the Supreme Court guts Obamacare. Jason Millman on why it would be hard for Obamacare to recover from a Supreme Court loss. Why Republicans can't come up with an Obamacare replacement. Conservatives don't have an Obamacare replacement because they're too busy complaining about Obamacare. Democrats have the wrong idea for their next health care agenda. Jonathan Chait on why the new lawsuit won’t kill Obamacare (and more). Abigail R. Moncrieff on why the Supreme Court will rule in favor of Obamacare. Everything you need to know about the SCOTUS case to cripple Obamacare (and more).