Gay rights now

William T. L. Cox, Patricia G. Devine, Alyssa A. Bischmann, and Janet S. Hyde (Wisconsin): Inferences About Sexual Orientation: The Role of Stereotypes, Faces, and the Gaydar Myth. Sari van Anders (Michigan): Beyond Sexual Orientation: Integrating Gender/Sex and Diverse Sexualities via Sexual Configurations Theory. While life gets better for millions of gays, the number of homeless LGBT teens — many cast out by their religious families — quietly keeps growing. Arabelle Sicardi on the best time she got sent to “Pray-Away-the-Gay” Bible yoga camp. Andrew Vierra (Georgia State): Make Me Gay: Neurointerventions on Sexual Orientation. Zachary Robert Herz (Columbia): The Marrying Kind. Ana Swanson on how more than half of states may roll back LGBT rights. The real consequences of Indiana’s “religious freedom” law: It’s not about boutique wedding shops — what if Hobby Lobby refused to allow gay customers? Emily Peck on how big business is leading the charge on gay rights now. If Gov Pence wants to clear everything up and opposes discrimination against gays, presumably he's going to push an LGBT anti-discrimination law, right? Margaret Hartmann on why Indiana’s religious-freedom law is backfiring. Amanda Marcotte on how conservatives hijacked “religious freedom”. Bruce C. Bridgman, the former boss of Matthew Gregory McLaughlin, the mysterious California lawyer behind a state ballot proposal that would mandate executing gay people, says he hopes the public would show no mercy on his old employee.