Seeing science

Jeroen de Ridder (VU): Science and Scientism in Popular Science Writing. Science, meet journalism — you two should talk. I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that: Over the past decade, pharma-fighting Ben Goldacre has written more than 500,000 words of fearlessly combative science journalism. Why do many reasonable people doubt science? We live in an age when all manner of scientific knowledge — from climate change to vaccinations — faces furious opposition; some even have doubts about the moon landing. Carl Sagan's son is a 9/11 Truther. Eric Plutzer and Michael Berkman on why science teachers sow doubt about evolution (even when they don’t mean to). From io9, George Dvorsky on 8 logical fallacies that fuel anti-science sentiments; and Lauren Davies on 9 historical mysteries solved by astronomy. Andrew Lindner on how the Internet scooped science (and what science still has to offer). John F. McGowan reviews Falling Behind? Boom, Bust, and the Global Race for Scientific Talent by Michael S. Teitelbaum. Loretta Jackson-Hayes on how we don’t need more STEM majors — we need more STEM majors with liberal arts training. Seeing science as an “engine of human prosperity”, Scientific American’s editor-in-chief, Mariette DiChristina, marches boldly into the future.