Police forces and social control in America

Jocelyn Simonson (NYU): Copwatching. Jane R. Bambauer (Arizona): The Lost Nuance of Big Data Policing. Sarah A Ricciardi (Conn): Do You Know Why I Stopped You? The Future of Traffic Stops in a Post-Heien World. Leigh Goodmark (Maryland): Hands Up at Home: Militarized Masculinity and Police Officers Who Commit Intimate Partner Abuse. Matthew Morgan (SUNY-Cortland): The Containment of Occupy: Militarized Police Forces and Social Control in America. Arthur Rizer (West Virginia): Trading Police for Soldiers: Has the Posse Comitatus Act Helped Militarize Our Police and Set the Stage for More Fergusons? Black and blue: Aurin Squire on cops of color in post-Ferguson America. Greg Howard on how to not get shot to death by a police officer. Want to stop police brutality? Start disciplining officers. Could the DOJ’s Ferguson report lead the right to abandon its love of law enforcement? Leon Neyfakh wonders. Waging war vs. keeping the peace: Michael I. Niman on rethinking how we hire cops. Donovan X. Ramsey on police reform is impossible in America. What are cops really good for? Monica Potts on a brief history. The point of order: How a 19th-century document still influences the N.Y.P.D. — for better and for worse. Matthew Wills on the roots of modern police work. The mostly terrible things I learned by listening to police scanners for six months. “This video goes well beyond its shock value”: Kristen Hare on why that video from South Carolina was necessary (and more). Here’s a news report we’d be reading if Walter Scott’s killing wasn’t on video.