A total explanation of the state of Russia

Stephen C. Thaman (Saint Louis): Marxist and Soviet Law. Carla Sinclair on the art of the Soviet propaganda poster. Pablo Ortiz Monasterio on the strange beauty of Soviet-era nuclear relics. Sofya Valentinovna Solovyeva (Moscow State): Agriculture Under Climate Change in the Russian Federation. Will China take Siberia away from Russia? Peter Turchin investigates. Sovereignty matters in the Arctic: D. Dimitrakos on Wrangel Island — Russo-American crisis in the making. The cold rim of the world: Colin Dickey on the rise and fall of Pyramiden, a Russian mining town located in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. When Russia declared war on Greenpeace: The story of the Arctic 30 captured on a Gazprom drilling platform and sentenced to years in jail. Peter Pomerantsev goes inside the Kremlin’s hall of mirrors: Fake news stories, doctored photographs, staged TV clips, armies of paid trolls — has Putin’s Russia developed a new kind of information warfare, fought in the “psychosphere” rather than on the battlefield? Professional Russian troll Marat Burkhard tells all. How new is Putin’s “atmosphere of hate”? J. Paul Goode wonders. Brandon Valeriano and Ryan C. Maness on Russia — perhaps more restrained and less powerful than you think? Tolstoy replays history: Andrei Zorin on how War and Peace attempts a total explanation of the state of Russia — a panoramic reconstruction of history and an intellectual autobiography.