Aporias of the Left

Tayyab Mahmud (Seattle): Precarious Existence and Capitalism: A Permanent State of Exception. The idea of solidarity has its roots in the history of the workers’ movement, and as this is usually excluded from conventional tales of human endeavour, it is seldom understood. Graveyards of the banks: Nyla Nox on the dark heart of capitalism. What are the limitations of the liberal reformism of figures like Joseph Stiglitz and Thomas Piketty, and how can the radical left push beyond it to a truly socialist alternative? Adam Blanden on challenging liberal reformism — markets, states, and the “one percent”. Want to rebuild the Left? Kshama Sawant on taking socialism seriously (and more). John Clark (Loyola): The Spectacle Looks Back into You: The Situationists and the Aporias of the Left. Labour, life and love: Cynthia Cockburn on how Marxist feminists join the dots. Steve Striffler (New Orleans): Scholars and Activism: Can Progressive Scholarship Advance a Left Politics? Baris Cayli (Stirling): The Ravages of Social Catastrophe: Striving for the Quest of “Another World”. Michael Burawoy (UC-Berkeley): A New Sociology for New Social Movements. Ross Perlin on two Occupys, and the new global language of protest. From Logos, Kevin B. Anderson on Karl Marx and intersectionality; and Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker and Michael J. Thompson on the treason of intellectual radicalism and the collapse of Leftist politics. #JeNeSuisPasLiberal: David Auerbach on entering the quagmire of online Leftism. Ursula K. Le Guin on the future of the Left. Raymond Williams was one of the left's great thinkers — he deserves to be rediscovered.