Out of the bag

Jose Juan Moreso (Pompeu Fabra): The Uses of Slippery Slope Argument. Alison L. LaCroix (Chicago): Continuity in Secession: The Case of the Confederate Constitution. From The National Interest, Michael Lind on Carl Schmitt’s war on liberalism: Modern antiliberalism like Schmitt’s seeks to defeat liberal thought on its own chosen ground of public debate, using its own preferred weapons, rational analysis and secular scholarship. After 9/11, we were all Judith Miller: Journalists owe the American people an apology. Kevan Harris on Iran’s political economy under and after the sanctions. How could the Justice Department change with Loretta Lynch? Jaime Fuller investigates. Two years ago, 1,129 people died in a Bangladesh factory collapse — Lydia DePillis on how the problems still haven’t been fixed. With this 10,000-word escalation that increases the personal heat while brushing over the political differences, Michael Eric Dyson may have done exactly what Cornel West was tempting him to do. Here is a stunning visualization of our divided Congress. Josh Marshall on how the cat is really out of the bag on Obamacare. Ignore the cynics: 2016 is an extremely important, exciting election. Jonathan Chait on the disastrous Clinton post-presidency. Travel with a purpose: Smithsonian embarks on New Journeys (the magazine, that is): An interview with Publisher Steve Giannetti and Editor-in-Chief Victoria Pope.