Reluctantly uncovered

Roger Berkowitz (Bard): The Flight From Law: Title IX and The Fight For Prophylactic Justice. Jeroen Dewulf (UC-Berkeley): Black Brotherhoods in North America: Afro-Iberian and West-Central African Influences. From the Journal of Performance Magic, Laura C. Bruns (Bradley) and Joseph P. Zompetti (Illinois State): The Rhetorical Goddess: A Feminist Perspective on Women in Magic; Grace Alexandra Williams (BSA): Vanishing in Plain Sight; and Lynne Kelly (LaTrobe): Feminine Magic. The slippery slope of industry self-regulation: Joseph Heath reviews Constructing Private Governance: The Rise and Evolution of Forest, Coffee and Fisheries Certification by Graeme Auld and Coffee by Gavin Fridell. Nicole Pasulka interviews Susan Stryker, the academic behind the media’s “transgender tipping point”. David Dayen on how to make the Trans-Pacific Partnership work for workers. Conspiracy theorists will truly believe anything, says science. Mark Ames on Seymour Hersh and the dangers of corporate muckraking. Dean Baker on how the deficit falls by $20 trillion and NPR doesn’t even notice. What is it that makes someone wise, or one person wiser than another? Stephen R. Grimm on wisdom. The case of the amazing gay-marriage data: Jesse Singal on how a graduate student reluctantly uncovered a huge scientific fraud. “Looking at ‘Pelosiville’ and ‘Hastertland’, it is not difficult to see why American politics has shifted to the Right.