The real corruption in American politics

David J. Hebert (Ferris State) and Richard E. Wagner (George Mason): Political Parties as Interest Groups. This astonishing chart shows how moderate Republicans are an endangered species. The end of the median voter theorem in presidential politics: Daniel W. Drezner on what party polarization means for the future of presidential politics. Two political scientists have found the secret to partisanship, and it’s deeply depressing. Can the Internet put an end to America’s toxic two-party politics? Chris Osterndorf wonders. Laurel Harbridge on how Congress is more bipartisan than you think: All the partisan bickering conceals real agreement on policy. Will Kramer on how a tiny sliver of Congress isn’t as terrible as you think.

Bruce M. Owen (SIEPR): What Would Madison Say? Calling Strikes in the Political Ballpark. What is a Super PAC? Let The Onion explain. Elizabeth Drew on how money runs our politics. The next era of campaign-finance craziness is already underway. Alice Ollstein on why the FEC won’t crack down on campaign finance violations. Quid Pro Con: Zephyr Teachout on how the Supreme Court’s narrow definition of corruption threatens not just campaign finance law, but the very idea of the public good. Ezra Klein on the bipartisan corruption of American politics: Don’t let the Clinton Foundation distract from the real corruption in American politics. Could Hillary Clinton be the champion campaign-finance reform needs? The former secretary of state is an unlikely reformer — which is precisely why she might be a particularly effective one.

Dieter Zinnbauer (Transparency International): The Vexing Issue of the Revolving Door. Corporations now spend more lobbying Congress than taxpayers spend funding Congress. Corruption in New York and Shanghai: Cases of “princeling” corruption in the Communist Party, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party have more in common than anyone would care to admit. Albany lobbyists are misunderstood, says Albany lobbyist. Former Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu joins firm that lobbies for the industries destroying her state. From The Monkey Cage, Lee Drutman on what we get wrong about lobbying and corruption, and on how the solution to lobbying is more lobbying. Should we pay politicians more? Game theory says they’d pay more attention to voters.

From the Brookings Institution, Jonathan Rauch on how hacks, machines, big money and back-room deals can strengthen American democracy. From Democracy Journal, Mark Schmitt on democratic romanticism and its critics: Everything you thought you knew about fixing American politics might be wrong. Jonathan Bernstein on what political scientists can’t get you to believe. From Mischiefs of Faction, Jennifer N. Victor on mythbusting politics; and Julia Azari on the roots of political science frustration. Rumors have it: A study finds trying to correct political myths may only entrench them further.