That will change, and quickly

From New Mexico Law Review, a special issue on Breaking Bad. Christiane Eilders and Cordula Nitsch (Duesseldorf): Politics in Fictional Entertainment: An Empirical Classification of Movies and TV Series. Mateusz Wajzer (Silesia): The Explanatory Potential of Rational Choice Theory: A Critical Assessment. What if Rand Paul were Muslim? Naveed Jamali on the white, privileged assumptions behind his Patriot Act “principles”. David Cole on reining in the NSA: “Sunsets require sunshine. That may be the most enduring lesson from the Senate’s passage on Tuesday of the USA Freedom Act”. Josh Marshall on the Kipnis clown show and the drama of university life. Studies show Paul Ryan is wrong and Obama is right: You didn’t build that. Benghazi won’t stick to Hillary Clinton, but the disastrous Libyan intervention should. It's time for the media to admit that Hillary Clinton is popular — Journalists hate her, regular people don’t. “Who knew that selfishness was something that needed defending in 2015, a moment in history when leading Republican presidential candidates fall over themselves to try to sound more callous than a drunk finance bro striking out in Murray Hill”. Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shows magazines objectify trans women, too. Megan Garber on why it’s (still) awkward to talk about Caitlyn Jenner: Cultural conventions, when it comes to talking about transgender people, haven’t caught up to cultural realities — that will change, and quickly.