Exploit the rich and help the poor

From Harvard Magazine, Cara Feinberg on Sendhil Mullainathan’s fresh perspectives on poverty. Hamilton Nolan on how behavioral scientists have some tips on how the present system can do a better job of helping the poor. Rupert Neate on America's trailer parks: The residents may be poor but the owners are getting rich. The secret to being rich is surprisingly simple: Matt O’Brien on how nothing matters more to becoming rich than the privilege of where you're born. Thomas Edsall on sex, drugs and poverty in Red and Blue America. Kansas has found the ultimate way to punish the poor. Christopher Ingram on why conservatives are able to pass such harsh restrictions on the poor. Alan Pyke on how the conservative obsession with policing poor people’s shopping carts got started. Hannah Levintova on how the GOP is trying to give the 25 richest Americans a $334 billion tax break. Max Ehrenfreund on why this Picasso sold for $180 million and what it tells us about the super rich (and more). Matt O’Brien on how economists have figured out who’s really to blame for exploding income inequality. Matt Bruenig on the poverty capitalism creates. What’s really striking is the disconnect between centrist conventional wisdom and the reality of life — and death — for much of the nation. The new Gilded Age contains the seeds of its own collapse. Andrew Breiner on 6 reality show ideas that would exploit the rich and help the poor.