In Marxist thought

Miguel Angel Quintana Paz (UEMC): Five Uses of Wittgenstein Against Marxism. Brian Leiter (Chicago): Marx, Law, Ideology, Legal Positivism. Jason Read (Southern Maine): The Order and Connection of Ideology Is the Same as the Order and Connection of Exploitation: Or, Towards a Bestiary of the Capitalist Imagination. Jason Read reviews Willing Slaves of Capital: Marx and Spinoza on Desire by Frederic Lordon. Simon Springer (Victoria): The Limits to Marx: David Harvey and the Condition of Postfraternity. Steve Bittle interviews Frank Pearce, author of Crimes of the Powerful: Marxism, Crime and Deviance. Planning for the feast: Paul Gray reviews Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism by Peter Hudis. Gareth Dale on race, nation and class formation, from Engels to the present: Class was never a homogeneous category in Marxist thought, some of the earliest works of which were sensitive to the influence of race and nationalism. What is a Marxist organization? Scott Jay investigates. McKenzie Wark on four cheers for vulgar Marxism. From Logos, Peter Hudis on the dialectic of the spatial determination of capital: Rosa Luxemburg’s Accumulation of Capital Reconsidered; and “I was, I am, and I will be”: Axel Fair-Schulz on reconsidering Rosa Luxemburg for the 21st century. You can download Perspectives on Gramsci: Politics, Culture and Social Theory, ed. Joseph Francese (2009).