Don’t get complacent

Glenn Stone (WUSTL): Biosecurity in the Age of Genetic Engineering. Jaume Ventura (Pompeu Fabra) and Hans-Joachim Voth (Zurich): Debt into Growth: How Sovereign Debt Accelerated the First Industrial Revolution. Loads of debt: Peter Eavis on a global ailment with few cures (and a response by Dean Baker). As Greece fractures, old wounds are reopening. Roque Planas and Adriana Usero on why being treated like a colony makes it harder for Puerto Rico to fix its debt. Jonathan Cohn on what supporters of the Obamacare lawsuit actually won. A Tea Party, only anti-gay: Roy Edroso on a symposium at Opus Dei strokebook First Things featuring the Douthats of Tomorrow. Liberals, don’t get complacent about the Supreme Court. Suzy Khimm on the other winner in the Supreme Court’s wild week: Big business. David Brooks on the next culture war. Claire Cain Miller on making computer science more inviting to women: A look at what works. From the Chronicle, Lee McIntyre on the attack on truth: We have entered an age of willful ignorance; and you have your history, I have mine: Good riddance to a scripted past populated by heroic stick figures in iffy moralistic parables — but is there nothing we can agree on? Cheer up “Bifo”, history hasn’t ended yet: Julian Sayarer reviews Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide by Franco Berardi.