Things that measure

Emanuele Castrucci (Siena): On the Idea of Potency: Juridical and Theological Roots of the Western Cultural Tradition. A debt is a debt, and debts must be paid — that sounds like a a fair, very Germanic position, but for the fact that Germany has “been the largest debt defaulter of the 20th century”. Zack Beauchamp writes in defense of the Eurozone. Matthew Yglesias on the Puerto Rico crisis, explained. Don’t reward the greedy vulture funds who recklessly invested in Puerto Rico. As relations with Cuba finally thaw, the imprisonment of Alan Gross remains a prime example of how promoting American values in countries that don’t want them is a policy that is as well-intentioned as it is poorly executed. Donald Trump surges, and Democrats cheer. Jonathan Allen on why reporters won't find anything damning in Hillary Clinton’s emails. Polygamous Montana trio applies for wedding license. #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches: Is it Freedom Summer again? That guy from Third Eye Blind has a plan to fix America: Stephan Jenkins has some thoughts on, Saudi Arabia, Marco Rubio, Assad, President Obama, ISIS, Hillary Clinton, Iraq, and libertarians. Increasingly, we are not only measured; we bend our actions toward the things that measure us, says Jacob Silverman. You can download Philosophy in Engineering (2007) and download Engineering in Context (2009), ed. Steen Hyldgaard Christensen, Martin Meganck, and Bernard Delahousse.