The Greek polis and us

Ingerid S. Straume (Oslo): Politics as Creation: Arendt, Castoriadis, the Greek Polis and Us. Irini Kadianaki (Cyprus) and Eleni Andreouli (Open): Essentialism in Social Representations of Citizenship: An Analysis of Greeks’ and Migrants’ Discourse. Fighting Golden Dawn: Catarina Principe and George Souvlis on how the Greek left has a historic opportunity to marginalize fascists and address the needs of migrants. Dream nation and the phantasm of Europe: Obrad Savic interviews Stathis Gourgouris, author of Does Literature Think? Literature as Theory for an Antimythical Era (and part 2). Did the ancient Greeks get Ebola? Josiah Ober debunks long-held beliefs about economic growth in ancient Greece. Charalambos Tsekeris and Nikos Kaberis (Academy of Athens) and Maria Pinguli (Aegean): The Self in Crisis: The Experience of Personal and Social Suffering in Contemporary Greece. Joshua Stephens on what no one is talking about when they talk about Greece. Greece is solvent but illiquid: Paul De Grauwe on policy implications. Greece votes “no” — here’s what it means (and more and more). Henry Farrell on the Greek referendum and game theory. Now Europe must decide whether to make an example of Greece. “Germany has never repaid”: Thomas Piketty calls for a major conference on debt — Germany, in particular, should not withhold help from Greece. Is it all Greek to you? Thank medieval monks, and the Bard, for the phrase.