Challenge faced

Keith Woodward and Mario Bruzzone (Wisconsin): Touching Like a State. Iran’s attempt to develop nuclear weapons will not be the last challenge faced in a journey that began with the world’s first fission bomb test during World War II (and more and more and more). Kevin Baker on why German economic thought made the Greek crisis inevitable. Jurgen Habermas says Angela Merkel is “gambling away” Germany's reputation over Greece. Elizabeth Nolan Brown on why we should encourage women who have abortions to donate fetal tissue to science. Atticus Finch offers a lesson in Southern politics: What the beloved literary character seems to have in common with Strom Thurmond. From The Upshot, Wilson Andrews and Alicia Parlapiano on which presidential candidates are winning the money race so far; and Kim Soffen on how Bush and Trump are opposites on ideological consistency (and more). Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao: The trolls are winning the battle for the Internet (and more).