Gender discrimination in Hollywood

Maggie Hennefeld (Toronto): Miniature Women, Acrobatic Maids, and Self-Amputating Domestics: Comediennes of the Trick Film. Kathryn Hemmann (Penn): Short Skirts and Superpowers: The Evolution of the Beautiful Fighting Girl. What if we limited the number of white men in film and TV? Creatively, a bad idea — but so is peppering diversity onto default casts. Why are there are so few female directors working in Hollywood? One way to find out is to ask women in the industry about their experiences, and that’s exactly what “Shit People Say to Women Directors” is doing. Jessica Ogilvie on how Hollywood keeps out women. ACLU asks state and federal civil rights agencies to investigate gender discrimination in Hollywood (and more). Anne Helen Petersen on how Loretta Young made her name in Classic Hollywood as a great beauty — and for the cover-up of one of the industry’s greatest scandals: concealing a child, born out of wedlock, with Clark Gable, one of the era’s biggest stars.