Awash in intrigue

Aaron Smuts (RIC): The Ethics of Imagination and Fantasy. Tiny island of Reunion is awash in intrigue over vanished Malaysian plane. The Cop: Darren Wilson was not indicted for shooting Michael Brown — many people in Ferguson question whether justice was done. Charles Koch invokes fight for civil rights as model for political activism (and more). Will the business-friendly Supreme Court gut his climate legacy? Rebecca Leber on the last defining court battle of Obama’s presidency. Josh Marshall on the declining marginal value of Crazy (and more). After 27 years, reporter who exposed ECHELON finds vindication in Snowden archive. The economic equation that conquered the world: Kelly O’Brien interviews Philip T. Hoffman, author of Why Did Europe Conquer the World? The Bully’s pulpit: David Graeber on the elementary structure of domination. Jon Stewart has been heroic, persistent, and twice as illuminating as the purportedly real news that fuelled “The Daily Show”. Writing used to be a solitary profession — how did it become so interminably social?