The state of international studies

Lucian M. Ashworth (MUN): How Should We Approach the History of International Thought? Shahar Hameiri (Murdoch) and Lee Jones (Queen Mary): Murdoch International: The “Murdoch School” in International Relations. Clare Lovett (Kingston): Why Feminism is the Most Convincing Theory in International Relations. Adam Humphreys (Reading): The Promise of Critical Empiricism in International Relations. Patricia Owens (Sussex): Method or Madness? Sociolatry in International Thought. Emma Hutchison and Roland Bleiker (Queensland): Theorizing Emotions in World Politics. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd on how international relations got religion, and got it wrong. The state of international studies in the United States is not good — what can be done to improve it? Daniel W. Drezner on reversing the decline in international studies. Here’s why Julian Assange is picking a fight with international relations professors. You can download Popular Culture and World Politics: Theories, Methods, Pedagogies, ed. Federica Caso and Caitlin Hamilton.