Drones are here

Bradan T. Thomas (Houston): Autonomous Weapon Systems: The Anatomy of Autonomy and the Legality of Lethality. Harry van der Linden (Butler): Drone Warfare and Just War Theory. Jai Galliott (UNSW): Military Robots: Mapping the Moral Landscape. Rosa Brooks on write in defense of killer robots: Hold on there, technophobe hippies — when it comes to “doing no harm”, robots are a hell of a lot better than humans. Ryan J. Vogel (Chicago-Kent): Ending the “Drone War” or Expanding It? Assessing the Legal Authority for Continued U.S. Operations Against Al-Qa’ida after Afghanistan. Amos N. Guiora and Jason B. Shelton (Utah): Drones and Targeted Killings: Facing the Challenges of Unlimited Executive Power. Karen J. Greenberg reviews Kill Chain: The Rise of the High-Tech Assassins by Andrew Cockburn. Manic Pixie Drone War: Grayson Clary reviews A Theory of the Drone by Gregoire Chamayou. Cora Currier on David Graeber and the bureaucratic utopia of drone warfare.

Marc Jonathan Blitz, James L Grimsley, Stephen E. Henderson, and Joseph T. Thai (Oklahoma): Regulating Drones Under the First and Fourth Amendments. Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California. FAA records detail hundreds of close calls between airplanes and drones. Hobby drones — not as cute as you think: Kevin Drum on why a sky clogged with unregulated remote-control aircraft might not be such a great idea. A Kentucky man shot a drone flying over his yard — then the cops arrested him. Welcome to the world, drone-killing laser cannon. North Dakota allows cops to arm their drones with Tasers and tear gas. Oh good, the weaponized police drones are here. Bryan Lufkin on 9 misconceptions about drones that engineers wish you’d shut up about. To build a better drone, study lovebirds.