Flip the script

Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Immigration: A Lockean Approach. Tierney Sneed on why ending birthright citizenship would be terrible for Silicon Valley. What is the Trump endgame? Jonathan Chait wonders. Rosie Gray on the real media machine behind Trump: Conservative talk radio. Those predicting Donald Trump’s imminent political demise are ignoring the lessons of recent history, which tell us that poseurs with a knack for public relations can con the public for a very long time. The Populists: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump harness its appeal — and demonstrate its limits. Keith A. Spencer on why the rich love Burning Man: Burning Man became a festival that rich libertarians love because it never had a radical critique at its core. He said, she said: Donna Zuckerberg on the mythical history of the false rape allegation. Aurin Squire on how conservatives used the Virginia shooting to flip the script on racism. John McQuaid on how America is forgetting the lessons it never learned from Hurricane Katrina.