Haunting the world economy

Thomas Drissen (Birmingham): Economic Globalization is What States Make of It. Globalization under duress: Policy mistakes in a globalized world range from costly to deadly — and we’re making more of them. Neil Altman on economic globalization and mental health. John Schmidt on how we created the WTO: A personal account of how the largest and most important trade agreement in world history finally got done. Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger (Stanford) and Chad P. Bown (World Bank): Is the WTO Passe? This striking diagram will change how you look at the world economy. From welfare state to innovation state: A spectre is haunting the world economy — the spectre of job-killing technology; how this challenge is met will determine the fate of the world’s market economies and democratic polities. Will the world ever boom again? Noah Smith wonders. What is wrong with the West’s economies? Edmund S. Phelps wants to know. The case for slower growth: If the rich world aimed for minimal growth, would it be a disaster or a blessing?